Why Byron Bay Australia?
of All Villages?

It's simple really, why we chose to live in Byron Bay Australia of all the places to live.

Because of what it is, what it stands for and what it is not

Let's start with what Byron Bay is not
and does not have...

  • Highrise - no building over
    3 stories allowed and most
    are 2 story or less
  • Large - still a small country town
    in many ways that you can easily
    walk around and get to know
    all the locals
  • Crime - you are safe and
    you feel safe, no matter
    where you are...except...for
    the odd shark attack but
    that's another story...
    we are talking about crime here
  • Fast Food Giants - we do have
    Subway and Dominoes but
    no Maccas or Hungry Jacks

And what Byron Bay is
and does have...

  • Beaches - mile after mile of unspoilt
    spectacular beaches
    all with fine white sand
  • Cafes & Restaurants - no Maccas but
    everything you could possibly
    want to eat - you could come
    here for a month and eat somewhere
    different everyday and still not manage
    to sample all the cafes and restaurants
  • Shopping - you you can shop til
    you drop with clothing, souvenvir
    art and speciality shops galore
  • Soul - you will feel the energy
    and magic everywhere you go

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