Map of Beaches Byron - Ballina

A more detailed Map of Beaches Byron - Ballina

This is a more detailed map of the beaches lying between Byron Bay and Ballina.

If you find the Beaches in town a bit crowded even though nine months of the year they are relatively empty - head on out of town and find a beach all to yourself.

This map gives a good general idea of where the main beaches are, however it doesn't go into detail and show you the smaller secluded beaches such as those around Broken Head.

The beaches that lie around Broken Head are pretty much hidden and unknown to most who don't live in the area.

They are a bit of a trek to get to but well worth the extra effort.

They include :-

  • Kings Beach
  • Brays Beach
  • Whites Beach

  • On the map you can see Lake Ainsworth, the Fresh Water Tea Tree Lake located at Lennox Head.

    It's beautifully refreshing in summer to have a dip here after the surf of Seven Mile Beach -you'll love it - just remember - the water is stained black from the tea trees which surround the lake - not the same as what we get tea from but they do stain the water the same colour.

    It's a bit disconcerting at first swimming in Black water but it is pristine and you soon get used to it - we promise.

    To top it off there is Oceanview Cafe directly across the road from the lake which serves nice breakfasts and lunch - it is owned and run by Lennox Head / Alstonville Surf Club - it's always nice to support the local volunteer lifeguards - and the foods pretty good too.

    btw - We live at the top of Ross Lane which you can see on the map behind Lake Ainsworth. It's actually a Macadamia Plantation just in case you'd like to know more about us. We have toyed with the idea of holiday letting the farm and so built this page but so far we can't bear to leave. You can still have a look though.

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