Explore the many towns and villages of the Byron and Ballina Shire Area

So many villages - so little time

Explore the villages of the Byron and Ballina Shire area and plan a visit or maybe even stay there -

There's many reasons to choose to stay outside of Byron Bay - there's the crowds for one - and the traffic - we tend to avoid the town during the busier months - it's just too much of a pain battling all the traffic - it can stretch out of town for kms during peak times.

Not least is the cost. Byron Bay is normally more expensive to stay in than the surrounding villages in the Byron Shire. Go outside this area and prices drop even more.

Ballina is 25 kms south of Byron, has great beaches and the Richmond River and a few other amenities not available in Byron and costs a lot less for accommodation. It's arguably a better place to stay if you have a young family.

Lennox Head is 15 km south of Byron and is a lovely little coastal village with some great oceanfront accommodation, great surf, cafes, shops as well as Lake Ainsworth. The best reason to go exploring is the many great villages and locations in the area and they all offer something different and may be just what you're after.

As Byron Bay becomes more and more popular it is also becoming more 'touristy' and faster paced - if you're after a more relaxed holiday and a more authentic north coast experience - then one of the surrounding villages may be more what you are looking for.

You can have a look at some of our favourite villages below and even if you don't stay there, they are worth taking a few hours out to have a look.



East Ballina


Lennox Head


Brunswick Heads


Suffolk Park




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