Nimbin NSW

The Village of Nimbin NSW lies in beautiful countryside, surrounded by hills, forests and trees and watched over by the sacred Rocks of Nimbin.

Nimbin lies 1 hour's picturesque drive west of Byron Bay and is at the foot of the World Heritage listed Border Ranges and the Night Cap National Park.

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Some History of Nimbin NSW

Nimbin was first settled in 1882 and was (and still basically is) a small quiet country town, until it entered the consciousness of Australia and further afield when it hosted the Aquarius Music Festival in 1973. Since the decline in the Australian dairy and agricultural industry, Nimbin had become a virtual ghost town.

It was chosen by a group of students and artists to host a major music and countercultural lifestyle festival, attended by many including plenty of authorities from the NSW police, to whom it didn't go un-noticed that large numbers of these 'hippies' were engaging in smoking cannabis.

After the festival, quite a few intrepid souls had fallen in love with the place, it's natural beauty, rich agricultural land,and perfect climate - ideal for growing veggies and other things.. and so decided to stay and set up communes and strive for the idealistic Utopian dream borne of the 70s. This communal way of life grew and many moved to the area and set up even more multiple occupancy properties, some with the idealistic intentions of those first communal pioneers, some not.. The area has attracted many artists, writers, actors, musicians, small farmers, environmentals, idealists, permaculture enthusiasts and mainstream society dropouts. A great place to come and just be.

It's fame as a place of tolerance grew, it being one of the few places in NSW where people could get away with possessing and even selling marijuana, this right to freedom attracted many including ones more interested in making a quick buck. This led to the ideal of Nimbin being sullied and stained, especially when harder drugs such as heroine came on the scene - for every positive force, the equal and opposite negative force comes into play..

The area is part of the 'Rainbow Region' and is also culturally important to the Bundjalung Aboriginal Australians. The Bundjalung people who originally inhabited this area are still active and vocal in the town's affairs.

Nimbin is said to be the resting place of Warrajum, the Rainbow Serpent, and is known as a place of healing.

Nimbin NSW is known as the 'Alternative Capital of Australia'.

For a deeper insight into the history of Nimbin and the Aquarius Festival, have a look at

Present Day Nimbin NSW

The area still strives for it's ideals and every year hosts the Mardi Grass Festival, rallying for an end to the prohibition on Cannabis. This festival is always on the 1st weekend with any part of it being in May.

There are many reasons to come to Nimbin NSW. The town and the area have a lot to offer.

Things to do..

  • Sample beautiful countryside on the verge of National Park and World Heritage listed forest,
  • Check out the Hemp Embassy and Museum - a tribute to the 60s and 70s and it's idealism
  • Attend Mardi Grass
  • Have coffee and hash cookie at one of the cafes - very Amsterdam
  • or a beer and a joint at the pub
  • Buy some local arts and crafts
  • Visit Nimbin Rocks

To name but a few..

Nimbin Rocks are particularly beautiful in the early morning sun. They lie about 3 km south of the village.

There is a distinct air to Nimbin and when you first drive in it can feel a little intimidating - especially when someone asks you if you want to buy some grass even before you've stepped out of your car - but the natives are friendly and you'll soon settle in and have a unique experience.

The dream is still alive - a bit battered and bruised and world-weary but recognizable despite all the scars.

It remains to the seen what affect the police raids of April Fools day 2008 have on the culture of the place.

Tourist Information for Nimbin NSW

For accommodation there's the pub, caravan parks, motel, backpackers and various farmstays and cottages scattered around the village and area.

To get there, there's the Nimbin Shuttle ph. (02) 6680 9189, which makes a run each Sunday from Byron Bay to the various popular local markets, and the Nimbin - Byron Bay Shuttle ph. (02) 6687 2007, which makes a daily run between the two villages, while a number of day tour operators from Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, include a Nimbin visit in their day tours.

  • Council --------------- Lismore City Council
  • Population -------------319 (immediate village only)
  • Transport Services --- Bus

Further Nimbin NSW Tourist Information is available from

  • Nimbin NSW Tourist Connection -------- (02) 6689 1764
  • Nimbin NSW Tourist Hotline ----------- (02) 6689 1222
  • Lismore Visitor Information Centre ------1300 369 795.

Nimbin is also serviced by a police station, hospital and medical centre.

Check out Nimbin Mardi Grass festival -


  • Community Markets ------------------------- 3rd Sunday of the month
  • Nimbin School of Arts Autumn Festival --- April
  • Mardi Grass ---------------------------------- Early May
  • Nimbin Agricultural Show -------------------- September
  • Nimbin Spring Arts Festival ------------------ October

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