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Byron Bay weather is mild with few extremes. It has warm summers and mild winters - giving it one of the best holiday climates on the east coast of NSW. The area enjoys an average temp in summer of 27ºC (81ºF) and 20ºC (68ºF) in winter. The whole Shire of Byron Bay is normally quite green and lush - so we do get quite a bit of rainfall and our share of rainy days.

Today's weather and coming week's forecast - Byron Bay

Weather in Byron Bay year round - mean monthly statistics

MonthTemp (°C)Rainfall (mm)Humidity (%)Clear Days (mean)Cloudy Days (mean)
Jan21 - 27164.1806.111.8
Feb21 - 27186.1825.010.9
Mar19 - 26208.0816.311.2
Apr17 - 24183.1797.89.9
May15 - 22179.6758.010.6
Jun12 - 20164.4739.69.8
Jul12 - 19105.97112.67.6
Aug13 - 20 93.27013.66.4
Sep14 - 22 66.57113.55.9
Oct16 - 23102.7749.78.7
Nov18 - 25119.4777.89.3
Dec19 - 26142.4787.710.0

Celcius to Fahrenheit Conversion
C 10° 15° 20° 25° 30° 35° 40° 45° 50° 55°
F 32° 41° 50° 59° 68° 77° 86° 95°104°113°122°131°

It can get quite humid Jan/Feb/March but not unbearably so. In winter, it doesn't get really cold, although the further inland from the coast you go, the cooler the temperature drops at night. On clear sunny winter days, it's still warm enough to sunbath on the beach, even if the water might be too cold for most and most of the surfers have given in to their wetsuits.

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