We love Ben Harper

And we think maybe Ben Harper quite likes Byron Bay..

What makes us think that ?

Oh dunno, maybe coz we'd recognise the beautiful scenery anywhere.

Actually saying it was filmed in Byron is not strictly true as the beautiful countryside is the Byron Hinterland and most of the surf was filmed at Lennox Head, 20 mins drive south of Byron. That spot where Ben meets his friends is a great spot for watching the surfers.

You can have a look at the Ben Harper website. It mentions in there somewhere that the video was shot in Byron Bay.

And why wouldn't he like Byron Bay ?

He's not the only one.

Robert James likes Byron Bay

And these boys seem to like Byron Bay too

Here's a clip of Ben playing at the 2007 Byron Bluesfest -

And here's Ben playing at the 2007 Blues and Roots Festival in Byron -

Byron Bay has always been a magnet for artistic types and alternative thinkers - it has an eclectic mix that embraces difference and encourages acceptance - it's not perfect but who wants perfection - something to strive for but never achieve -

Another Interesting Comment about Byron Bay

Apparently Byron Bay lies at the intersection of several cosmic energy lines which flow through the universe.

We're told they cross over each other and flow right through the heart of Byron Bay which is what makes it such a special and magical place.

We don't know if there is any scientific evidence for this and it probably warrants further investigation. But we have heard it mentioned many times. Maybe there's something to it - it would help explain a lot...

We will look into it and keep you posted..

Ok - that's enough of this frivolity...time to get back to work - or should that be the surf !

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