Suffolk Park

Suffolk park is located south of Cape Byron, behind Tallow Beach. It is very close to Byron Bay town centre - 10 min drive - so you feel like you're just driving to another part of Byron Bay, but it does have a different feel and it's own identity - to get there from Byron town centre - head south out of town following the signs for Lennox Head or Ballina.

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There's a small shopping centre servicing the area which is just off the main Byron Bay - Lennox Head Road at the main turnoff into Suffolk Park.

Here you will find the Suffolk Park Hotel & motel complete with bottle shop, restaurant and TAB, there are various other shops and services including a post office, supermarket, news agency, pharmacy, bakery, and several restaurants and takeaways - and a doctors surgery on Clifford Street.

Tallows is a long beach that runs from Cosy Corner at the southern end of Cape Byron all the way down to Broken Head - 15km - so it makes a great beach for walking on and there are some great breaks, especially at Cosy Corner or down at Broken Head. Saying it's not the most sheltered beach in the world could be a bit of an understatement but it has it's moments and it's stunning beauty and raw natural unspoilt beauty more than make up for it's windswept tendencies. Your best bet for sun bathing are the sheltered ends at Cosy Corner or Broken Head - depending where the wind is blowing from.

The whole area is a nice contrast to the usual busyness of Byron Bay and makes an ideal holiday spot for families and surfers, there are numerous paths and cycle ways and the area is flat and quiet so it's good for cycling and walking. You can walk into Byron via cosy corner and the national park, Cape Byron and Lighthouse Road. You can also check out Taylors Lake too which is a great natural habitat for birds and wildlife.

Suffolk is very residential but a lot of the beach front properties now cater for visitors and there is the caravan park on the beach and various other motels and holiday houses scattered around. You will no doubt get better deals here for accommodation too, than in the centre of Byron Bay.

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