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Monday 17th April 2007

First Light: 5:39am - Sunrise: 6:03am

Sunset: 5:27pm - Last Light 5:51pm

Todays Tides

Low 1:00am 0.20m

High 7:12am 1.61m

Low 1:23pm 0.13m

High 7:39pm 1.66m

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A stunning place to catch a sunrise

If you like to see the sunrise Byron Bay is a good place to make the effort.

Sunrise at Byron Bay can be stunning, coming up behind the lighthouse. You gotta get up early enough to see it at least once.

The best place to see the Sun come up is at the lighthouse.

If you want pictures of it coming up behind the lighthouse then somewhere on Main Beach.

Sunset is pretty spectacular too - especially if it is during a full moon - the moon comes up on one side of the lighthouse as the sun drops down on the other and in Byron Bay there is usually a myriad of locals and bongo drums to make sure it all goes as planned - I gotta go surf - have a good one.

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