Byron Bay Bodyboarding

Ok. We thought Byron Bay bodyboarding deserved its own page.

Bodyboarding is a popular sport - and bodyboarding Byron Bay is extremely popular - a 'bodyboarding paradise' as some call it.

There is a shop in Byron Bay dedicated exclusively to bodyboarding

You can check out some other surf shops here

Some local boys enjoying the surf

For a website dedicated exclusively to body boarding, have a look at fluidzone - they're a long running web site dedicated to the bodyboarding experience. They describe themselves as - 'A place where bodyboarders can share photos, video, ideas and info as well as keeping in touch with their local scene and the wider bodyboarding world.'

Check it out.

A collection of bodyboard clips

Some more great bodyboarding clips

And how about bodyboarding Teahupoo

Even more Bodyboarding - Teahupoo Challenge 2003 - excerpt 1

For more bodyboarding videos, click again on the video to take you to YouTube

For Surf conditions in and around Byron Bay, check out surfit another great surf website

If you haven't tried bodyboarding before give it a go while you're here. You can pick up bodyboards for next to nothing or if you stay at one of our places at Belongil you can use the boards we leave for guests there. Not the best quality we're afraid as they go walkabout but good enough to get you out there.

Have fun..

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