Byron Bay Dog Friendly Beaches

Find out where the dog friendly beaches are in and around Byron Bay so you know where to take your pooch and don't run into any problems.

Our best friends love the beach almost as much as we do and the local councils take that into consideration so you're usually not too far away from a dog friendly beach.

There are large areas of nature reserve, many with protected species and small colonies of endangered birds such as Little Terns near Belongil Creek so it's important to keep your pets under control and inside the areas designated.

Dog Friendly Beaches

The closest beach to Byron Bay town centre is Belongil Beach which starts at Main Beach car park and runs all the up to Manfred Street in the main residential area of Belongil - almost a km of beach so plenty of space for your pet to stretch it's legs.

Belongil is a very quiet beach which is another big plus for walking your dog.

Once you get up towards Belongil Creek the beach is well protected and patrolled as there are protected endangered colonies of birds which nest in the sand dunes.

The Next closest beach to Byron centre which allows dogs is part of Tallows beach which starts on the southern side of Cape Byron Headland and runs all the way to Broken Head.

The part of Tallows which is dog friendly starts at a point adjacent to Jarman Street and extends north to the Boundary of Arakwal National Park.

Tallows is another beach which is normally pretty empty.

South of Byron Bay - Lennox head has part of Seven Mile Beach which allows dogs. This section runs from the surf club opposite Lake Ainsworth just north of the village centre all the way up to the south of Broken Head.

You can walk your dog near Lake Ainsworth as long as you use a lead but dogs are not allowed in or around the Lake.

Heading North from Byron Bay - dogs are allowed at:

Brunswick Heads - from a point south of Brunswick Heads Surf Club extending south for 1 km

New Brighton - from a point adjacent to Strand Street extending south to the Northern Break Wall of Brunswick River - in the Inter-tidal Zone only though.

South Golden Beach - from a point adjacent to Gloria Street extending north to the Billinudgel Nature Reserve - Again - Inter-tidal Zone only.

If you would like to see a map so you know where all the dog friendly beaches are located, have a look here

Please Note - You may want to double-check with Byron Shire Council just to be sure as circumstances can change so use this as a guide only - you can reach them on (02) 6626 7000

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